List of Invited Speakers
(as of October 31, 2020)

Glass Production Technology

Invited speaker Tentative Presentation title
Toru Sugawara (Akita University) Thermodynamic database of molten oxide and their application to glass science
Sohei Sukenaga(Tohoku University)Measurement and interpretation of physical properties for multicomponent silicate melts
Chikashi Kimura (AIR LIQUIDE Japan GK.)Heat Oxy-combustion and Hydrogen for glass melting: the route toward CO2 neutrality
Hans van Limpt (Sibelco)Designing glass batches for the future
Andrew Reynolds (Fives Stein Ltd.)Low CO2 Glass Melting: All-Electric or Hybrid Technology?
Hong Li (Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd.)Characterizations of the Batch-to-Melt Conversion Process of Alkaline Earth Aluminoborosilicate Glass
Stefan Postrach (RHI GLAS GmbH)How RHI Magnesita ensures the quality of its refractory products for the Glass Industry

Glass Science

Invited speaker Tentative Presentation title
Delia Brauer (Friedrich Schiller University Jena)Improving Bioactive Glass Functionality by Ionic Substitutions
Hajime Tanaka (The University of Tokyo)Impact of Structural Ordering on Vitrification and Crystallization
Madoka Ono (Hokkaidou University/AGC)Pressure Control of Fluctuation in Glass
Mathieu Allix (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique)Crystallization from Glass: Application to Transparent (Glass-)Ceramics
Mathieu Bauchy (University of California, Los Angeles)Discovering New Glasses by Machine Learning and Network Topology
Yasushi Fujimoto (Chiba Institute of Technology)Potential of Functional Silica glass Fabricated by Zeolite Method and Development of Specialty Fiber
Ting-An Wu (Spring Pool Glass Ind. CO)Taiwan Circular Economy of Glass Industry

Nuclear Waste Glasses

Invited speaker Tentative Presentation title
Atsunobu Masuno (Hirosaki University)Structural analyses of nuclear waste glasses in Japan
Tomofumi Sakuragi (Radioactive Waste Management Funding and Research Center(RWMC))Vitrification and geological disposal of high-level radioactive waste: Integrated approach for their technical options and optimization of nuclear fuel cycle system
Jincheng Du (University of North Texas)Mechanistic understanding of nuclear waste glass dissolution from atomistic computer simulations
Hajime Iwata (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
Co-authors:Seiichiro Mitsui, Nobuyuki Sekine
Effects of steel overpack on aqueous alteration of vitrified high-level radioacitive waste
Norie Hirao (Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited)
Co-authors: Akira Sasahara, Takahiro Ishio, Norio Kanehira
Current Status and future plans of the development of vitrification technology in JNFL
Kazuyoshi Uruga (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
Co-Author: Tsuyoshi Usami, Takeshi Tsukada
Mechanisms and countermeasure for molybdate phase separation in vitrification process of high-level liquid wastes
Stephane Gin (CEA)
Co-Author: Xiaolei Guo, Jean Marc Delaye, Frederic Angeli, Kamalesh Damodaran, Veronique Testud, Jincheng Du, Sebastien Kerisit, Seong Kim,
Insights into the mechanisms controlling the residual corrosion rate of borosilicate glasses