Abstract Submission

1) Important Dates

Deadline for Abstract Submission 31, October, 2020

Abstract submission site

2) General Rules

1. All abstracts must be submitted and presented in English. Please submit your abstract file using the Word template. Convert your file into PDF file before submission.

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2. After creating your abstract file using the above mentioned template, please submit the abstract file and related information via the following site:

Abstract submission site

3. The first author is required to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the contents of the abstract before submission.

3) Copyright Transfer Policy

The copyright for your abstract shall be transferred to the GLASS MEETING 2020 Office (the Ceramic Society of Japan). Otherwise, your abstract can not be accepted for presentation nor be included in the conference.

However, the following rights are retained by the authors:

1. All legal rights other than copyright, such as patent rights.
2. Reuse in other works of all or portions of the abstract described above.
3. Reproduction of the abstract described above for the author's personal use and/or for company use, provided that these copies are not offered for sale.


GLASS MEETING 2020 Secretariat
E-mail: gm2020office@glass.ceram.titech.ac.jp